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Self-Warming Eye Mask

Steam Warm Eye Mask
Relax your eyes from
1.Reduces Dark Circles
2.Hours for hardworking eyes
3.Dry Eyes
4.Improve Sleepping
  • W40
  • OEM
Steam Warm Eye Mask
Relax your eyes from
  • Reduces Dark Circles
  • Hours for hardworking eyes
  • Dry Eyes
  • Improve Sleepping

Reduce Tension and Improve Relaxation, help protect and nourish your tired eyes!
The Steam Eye Mask is the most effective and convenient way to take care of your
eyes miraculously in the comfort of your home or while travelling on a plane, train or car. The eye mask heats up to a comfortable temperature upon
application, heats up to 40 Degree Celsius, providing up to 30 minutes and generating warm steam to ease relax eye muscles.
1. Remove the eye mask from its pouch and unfold it.
2. Close your eyes. Place the white side of the eye mask onto your closed eyelids.
3. Secure by hooking one loop around each ear. Keep your eyes closed while wearing
the mask.
NOTE: Remove contact lenses before use. Use immediately after opening pouch.
Remove mask from package. Apply to eyes and secure with ear loops. Remove and dispose of when steam has dissipated and mask returns to room temperature.
Soothing heat starts automatically and continues for 30 minutes.
Keep the mask on as long as it provides comfort, or when all the heat has faded.
Use as frequently as needed. Simply dispose after each use.
Do not use if you have an ailment or inflammation on or around the eyes, have scars, swelling or eczema. Stop use if feel overheated. Remove contact lenses before use. wait at least ten minutes before use if you applied eye drops. keep away from children.
Polyester spunlace non-woven fabric, polyester acupuncture cotton
Iron power, aqua, activated carbon, sodium chloride, fragrance.
Store in cool, dry place, keep away from direct sunlight.


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