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Foot Insole Warmer

Heating by Air,
Heating 6~8hours
one time use.
Keep you warm in winter.
  • W170

  • OEM

our insole warmer have two size:
1. EU36-40(235x60-80mm)
2. EU41-44(260x60-80mm)
Instructions for use –
please read carefully before use:
Open the packaging by hand (do not cut) and remove the insoles.
Place the heated insoles in the shoe like a regular insole, smooth side down.
Do not trim the heated insoles.
As the heated insoles are activated by oxygen, only open the pouch
immediately before use
Iron powder, water, active carbon, cellulose, salt
Intended use:
Heated insoles are disposable heating pads activated by contact
with oxygen which provide up to 6 hours of heat.
The heated insoles are ready to use and help to keep your feet
warm during outdoor activities.
Heated insoles are placed in shoes like regular insoles and provide
long-lasting protection against the cold.
Do not use:
For babies‘ feet; on frostbite; whilst sleeping; directly on the skin; during strenuous
activities, e.g. running or jogging; in combination with other sources of heat.

For external use only.
Do not open with force, cut or perforate.
Do not allow contents to come into contact with mouth or eyes.
Seek medical advice if swallowed.
Do not reheat, e.g. in a microwave.
Only use in closed shoes and do not use directly on the skin.
Persons unable to remove heated insoles themselves should be supervised.
Always supervise children during use.
Consult your doctor before use if you have diabetes, poor circulation,
nerve damage or are paralysed.
Remove heated insoles if the heat feels uncomfortable.
Incorrect use can cause burns.


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