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Adhesive Body Heat Patch on Underwear

Adhesive Body Heat Patch on Underwear
Model: W101
Unit: Bag
Min order: 60000bags
Product Description:
1.Material: one side non-woven fabrics, one side with adhesive.
2. Size: 130*100mm
3. Color: White
4. Air-Activated
Iron powder, Salt, Activated Carbon, Water, Sodium Polyacrylate, Wood powder, Vermiculite
1. Open the outer package and expose the pack to air.
2. Remove the paper back and adhere heat patch to the clothing.
3. Dispose of used pouch with regular garbage, it’s natural ingredients are environmentally safe.
Our Body Warmer has two types: 
1. Directly on Skin (Average temperature:40 °C ) 
2. Stick on Underwear (Average temperature:50~55 °C )
*Please tell us your Warmer Application, we will recommend  the temperature for you.

body warmer 01
body warmer 02
body warmer 03


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